Grace Divine Savings Group - Sponsorship Goal: £798
Grace Divine Savings Group - Sponsorship Goal: £798

Established in February 2019, the Grace Divine Savings Group was created by like-minded women in the Awatame village on the outskirts of Lome, the capital of Togo.

This is the first loan all 10 members of the group. Before they get their loan capital, the group is attending important training sessions, like how to create a business plan, basic accounting, working with credit and much more. These training sessions are really important for the savings group – they help them ensure that they use their loans strategically and make the most of the opportunity. Every member of the Grace Divine Savings Group work in retail, so their loans will go towards improved and more diverse stock, so their business can become resilient and sustainable.

The group members are: Mawa, Dede, Yawa S, Ablan, Afi, Yawa A, Ami, Abra, Josephine,and N’balantrougbe.


Grace Divine Savings Group - Sponsorship Goal: £798

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