Mokpokpo Savings Group - Sponsorship Goal: £870
Mokpokpo Savings Group - Sponsorship Goal: £870

The Mokpokpo Savings Group was created in March 2019 by residents of the Lebe community, a rural village which lies to the west of Lake Togo.

One member of the group had an inspiring chat with a IADES field officer in a nearby village and suggested to their own community that they would benefit from micro-loans.

The Mokpokpo group has grown quickly and now has 10 members, all requesting their first loan from IADES.

Some of the members are engaged in agricultural activities whilst others have started small trading businesses, trading goods such as corn and sugar.

This loan will enable the group to buy key equipment and materials for their businesses, such as seeds, tools and general goods. It will also enable them to access tailored business and social training provided by IADES and their partners to make their business a success. 


Mokpokpo Savings Group - Sponsorship Goal: £870

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