Entre Nous Community Group - Sponsorship Goal: £2,044

Entre Nous, meaning ‘Between Ourselves’, is a group of 21 entrepreneurs, 19 of whom are women, who are all looking for their first loan from Deki. The group is located in Kegue, a suburb of Lome, the capital of Togo, and home to Kegue Stadium, where the Togolese national football team plays.

The members of the group are all keen to expand their small business ventures but have no way of obtaining loans from the banks. A Field Officer from IADES was visiting the area, collecting loan repayments from previous clients, and one of the women asked about getting a loan. The Field Officer explained that they would need to form a group to support each other through a loan cycle.

The first women who signed up to the group encouraged others to join through word of mouth and now the group has 21 members. Each and every member wants to invest in their small business and to develop their skills by attending the technical and financial training which IADES provides alongside the loan.

The entrepreneurs range in age from 31 to 54 and they each have a different business; some sell food, some sell plastic, pots and pans, some are seamstresses whilst others run a street restaurant or are hairdressers selling shampoos and wigs. The one thing they share is ambition – to expand their business, to open a shop, to improve their family’s standard of living, to be able to pay for their children’s school fees and to have savings to meet the family’s needs.


Entre Nous Community Group - Sponsorship Goal: £2,044

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