Glinkome Community Group- Sponsorship Goal: £1,049 - FULLY FUNDED

The Glinkome group is an all-female savings group based in the Adidogome district, a peri-urban area situated in the north of Lomé. It was formed by a new resident who had previously benefited from IADES' services in her village. 

After arriving in Adidogome, she set out to see if other women in the neighbourhood would be interested in setting up a savings group. She told them about how it had helped her village to improve their businesses.  

The idea was well-received and the Glinkome group was established in June 2017. The women's initial objective was to access and benefit from the range of services which comes with a loan such as business training, saving schemes and health insurance provided by IADES.

Over two years the group has grown and now has 20 members. 18 members are applying for a loan in this funding cycle. For 13 of them this will be their very first Deki loan. 

With these loans they will invest in new stock for their businesses, increase their sales and their profits. They hope that these loans will provide a step towards financial health. For the group this means that each and every member will be able to take care of themselves and to provide for their families.


Glinkome Community Group- Sponsorship Goal: £1,049 - FULLY FUNDED

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