Kouve Community Group - Sponsorship Goal: £902

The Kouvé Group was formed in 2018 and is named after the group's hometown. Kouvé is a small town that lies to the north-east of Lomé, near the border with Benin and the Togodo National Reserve. 

The group was set up by community members after they heard about savings groups and microfinance from a credit officer from Deki's Field Partner, IADES. She was visiting Kouvé as part of an outreach programme, which aims to increase access to microfinance in marginalised and rural communities. 

Most of the group members' activities centre on agriculture, with a variety of produce being grown and produced, including pineapples, maize and sodabi, a palm wine which has a cultural significance across West Africa. Other activities include selling fish or household supplies. 

Of the 12 entrepreneurs, 8 are applying for their first Deki loan, and 4 for their second. The loans will be used to invest in fresh stock and supplies to give their businesses a boost. The loans will also be accompanied with fortnightly business training sessions, which provide the group with the fundamental skills needed to make their businesses a success. 


Kouve Community Group - Sponsorship Goal: £902

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