Mawufeassi Community Group - Sponsorship Goal: £2,983

Empowered by their success, Deki Entrepreneurs Agambi Kumia and Massanvi Esse, set up the all-female Mawufeassi group in the spring of 2017. As mothers, business-owners and former beneficiaries of Deki loans, Agambi and Massanvi understood the potential that ethical microloans and training has to create positive change. By setting up Mawufeassi group they encouraged other women in the community to start their own journeys towards financial inclusion and out of poverty – they are true change-makers.

Since its formation, the Mawufeassi Community Group has continued to attract new members. In this cycle, 15 members are applying for a loan- 4 are applying for their very first Deki loan, 3 for their second, 7 for their third, and 1 is applying for her fourth. 

When asked about their ambitions for the future, some of the women answered that they want to be able open their own shops, others answered that they aimed to be able to purchase land and build their own home. 


Mawufeassi Community Group - Sponsorship Goal: £2,983

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