Nouboueke Community Group - Sponsorship Goal: £3,045 FULLY FUNDED

The Nouboueke Group is based in Abobo, a rural community located in the Maritime region in eastern Togo. In 2017, the group was created as part of an ongoing Rural Outreach Project which is run by Deki's Field Partner, IADES.  The objective of the project is to bring socio-economic support to remote and financially excluded communities, focusing on reaching those who live on less than a dollar a day.

Today, the Noubouke Group consists of 23 members, aged between 19 and 62 years-old, the majority of whom are married women. They have been holding regular meetings, attending training sessions run by IADES and are now ready to receive their very first Deki loans. 

With the support from IADES, each member has now set up a small business. Some sell groceries items, whilst others cook and sell a savoury porridge or ‘sodabi’ – a traditional drink made from distilled palm wine which is popular in West African countries. 

Whilst they have a diverse range of businesses, they all share the same ambition: to support themselves, their family and to provide a brighter future for their children.


Nouboueke Community Group - Sponsorship Goal: £3,045 FULLY FUNDED

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